We just received a shipment from Dick Taylor Craft Chocolates.  They’re a small company out of Arcata, California making organic, hand-crafted chocolate bars.  You can read more on their website here.  The batch we just  got in contains an 74% single origin Dominican Republic bar, a 70% Ecuador bar, a Fleur de Sel (I love salt and chocolate!), and one new to us: a black fig bar.

Since figs won’t be in season around here for another few months, I can’t wait to dream of summer while sampling the black fig bar.  It sounds like the perfect accompaniment to our Organic Ethiopian Harrar, which has a lot of berry and fruit notes to it.  Or perhaps a glass of California Zinfandel in the evening?  Whatever your drink, you can obtain the chocolate at our store!

Black fig dark chocolate? Don't mind if I do!