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Oh my, it’s starting to feel like summer might actually be around the corner.  There’s a Bruce Springsteen song with the line “girls in their summer clothes,” and that’s the sight around here today.  People are sporting bright colors and ordering iced drinks.  It’s hard to believe that a week ago today it was snowing in downtown Grass Valley!


This week’s coffee hails from Papua New Guinea.  I’ve never been there, but I know a lot about the country, because this is where my mother currently lives.  She’s teaching kindergarten in Papua New Guinea, and even my young children can identify where Grandma Jo lives on a globe.


For those of you who have no idea where Papua New Guinea is located, it lies north of Australia, at the eastern side of the Indonesian archipelago.  It is a culturally and geographically diverse island, with a tropical climate perfect for growing coffee.  The extreme topography which has preserved hundreds of regional languages and people groups makes processing and exporting coffee quite difficult, and we do not often have the opportunity to buy coffee from PNG.

This Papua New Guinea coffee is different from the peaberry we offered last year, although it too is roasted light.  The aroma is lightly earthy and the taste is quite smooth with fruity tones and a light body.  Most of our coffees from the south Pacific are more full-bodied, so this one has a unique flavor.

Our pound-of-coffee-a-day-giveaway (that has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?) continues until the end of this month.  We’re considering giving away a larger item on the last day of the month, so stay tuned for all the details next week.  Enjoy!
This Week: $12.99
List Price: $13.99