It’s the car show this weekend!  This is a great event in Grass Valley, with over 350 cars lining the streets of downtown.  It has been my experience that it is a very family-friendly event, and my kids LOVE to walk around the car show.  Owners have even been so nice as to let them sit in their cars for a picture.

Becky, our manager, and Mike, our deliveryman, like to pick out dream cars as a potential delivery vehicle.  Don’t you think your coffee would taste better if it were delivered in a vintage convertible?  Or perhaps a classic truck?

I’d tell you more about the event, but I’m sure to give away my ignorance of technical car terms soon.  So I’ll conclude with the information of which I am certain: it’s this Saturday, from 10 am to 3 pm, and it’s a blast!  If you need more information, check out the official downtown Grass Valley website here.

Many thanks to Julia Jordan, GVDA Executive Director, for the fabulous image of the Car Show Poster!