Andrew has been our weekend cook for some time.

Andrew and Will have both been helping around here their entire lives.  The level of help has grown as they have, and both of them are now an integral part of the Carolines staff.

Andrew has been our cook, among many other jobs over the years.  At the end of this week Andrew will leave for a job in the US Forest Service, so it seems like a good time to say: thank you for all of your help over the years.

Will is still an active member of the Carolines team.  He refills our bulk coffees at the SPD Markets twice a week and he is in charge of the regular cleaning of the coffee roaster.  Coffee oils plus high temperature leads to quite a baked on product, so this is cleaning that involves a chisel.

Will is responsible for cleaning the roaster, among his many jobs around here.

Both boys are hardworking and wonderful young men.  We know you will both be successful in whatever you choose to do in life.  Thank you for all the time you have put in here!