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Celebes Kalossi

Happy May!  Did you see our ad in the paper on Monday?  It was on the weather page, if you still have that edition lying around.  The photo above was the central feature of the ad, taken by the lovely Korin of Fowler Hill Photography.  We made a last minute attempt to have former employees included in the picture too, and I think nine of them had a flexible enough schedule to make it.  Since in the last ten years we’ve had around 150 employees (I counted!), I think it’s probably a good thing not everybody who worked here in the last thirty years showed up.  We would have definitely had to find another location for the shot.

Many thanks for your patience, if you were one of the customers who came in while we took this picture!  It sure was fun to gather new and old faces together all at the same time.  We’d love to have a photo album of former employees, so if you’ve worked for us in the past, you can post your picture, your name, and the dates when you worked here on our Facebook page and we’ll start a collection.

The mottled nature of Celebes.

This week’s coffee is one of my favorites: our Celebes Kalossi.  It’s so good that we have a customer who gets twenty pounds at a time shipped to him.  If you’re an Indonesian coffee fan, you’ll love this bean.

We’ve talked before about the unusual way in which this coffee roasts: the beans, all brought to the same temperature, come out with slight variations in color.  Most beans roast very consistently, by shade, but Celebes does not.  However, the final taste is amazing, so this is a characteristic, not a defect (and don’t we all hope that our traits are not counted as defects?).
You’ll find all the great qualities of an Indonesian coffee in this cup of Celebes.  Celebes is a bit of a misnomer, by the way.  This coffee comes from the island of Sulawesi, located to the east of Sumatra and Java.  It has an unusual, hand-like shape, and it did used to be called Celebes–we’ve called it that since we began roasting coffee, so around here the name stuck.
This Celebes Kalossi is bold, full-bodied, thick and flavorful.  You can taste nutty and earthy tones when you drink it.  Trace roasts it light so that you can taste all the great aspects of this bean.  Come try a free cup by mentioning the code “coffee of the week,” and soon you too might be ordering it twenty pounds at a time!
–Holly Fike
Celebes Kalossi
This week: $13.99
List Price: $14.99