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Last week the header on this e-mail was a picture of former and current staff.  At the request of a customer, I’ve posted the same picture on our blog with with names attached to all of our present employees.  You can click here if you too are wondering the identity of all of those folks.

Mother’s Day Gift Basket

This Sunday is Mother’s Day, and as a mother myself, it’s a day close to my heart.  I’ve already received a hand-painted and decorated frame from my five year old daughter that says: “I love my mom because she gives me presents and reads me a book every night.”  My son brought home a beautifully wrapped gift from school yesterday, but he’s old enough to wait until Sunday to give it to me, so I’ll see it then.  I love the things they make for me and I sure appreciate their patient teachers who help them with their creative gifts.

If your mom is a coffee or tea lover, I hope you know that we’ve got you covered.  From coffee and coffee makers to loose leaf teas and gourmet food items, or even a gift card–and the best part is: we gift wrap at no charge!  Tomorrow is also the Second Saturday Art and Wine Walk, so if you’re still in need of a Mother’s Day gift, you can shop downtown and wine taste at the same time.
This week’s coffee of the week would please any coffee-loving mom (how’s that for a segue?).  I know that I’ve been enjoying waking up with this Yemen at home all week.  A number of you have been asking when this Yemen would arrive: well, your wait is over.

Yemen Green Beans

For those of you who are assuming this will taste like an African coffee by proximity, this is nothing like most African coffee.  The country of Yemen is on the southeast side of the Arabian peninsula (technically in Asia), and it has attributes unique to its location.  Yemen coffee is one of the world’s oldest coffee growers, and not much has changed from then to now.  This Yemen is a particularly small green bean, without the roundness of a peaberry.

The flavor has a mellow acidity instead of the dominant bright tones of most African coffees.  There are berry notes and nutty flavors.  When you open the bag of green coffee, there is an overwhelming fruity aroma that lets you know this is an unusual coffee.
If you would like to try this Yemen Ismaili Sanani, visit our store and mention the code “coffee of the week.”  This week it’s on sale for $18.99 a pound, online and in our downtown store.  On a final note, you’ll see this coffee also labeled Yemen Mocha (or Mokha).  However you spell it, Mocha is the port through which this coffee is exported, so that name is also correct, and probably better known.  Enjoy!
–Holly Fike
Yemen Sanani
This week: $18.99
List Price: $19.99