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It appears that I have forgotten to add our weekly newsletter to the blog in the last few weeks.  Better late than never, I hope.  Here is the newsletter that went out last Friday, regarding our Colombian Supremo:


It feels like summer around here: today all of our female employees were wearing skirts and dresses (yes, we dress up on Friday, we’re countercultural).  Yesterday a group of us went and got our nails painted together–sandal season has begun!  Many thanks to the lovely Molly and Becky, who both invited and treated me.  We have wonderful staff!
This week’s coffee of the week is not as exciting as the unusual Yemen of last week.  This week we’re featuring an old friend, one of our most popular coffees: our Colombian Supremo.  Do you have an old friend?  Not by age, but by longevity of the friendship?  I happen to have four friends who have known me for what seems like forever: two sisters and two best friends.  I have many other friends too, but no one understands me better than than these women with whom I have so much shared history.  We never have to explain ourselves.  Today’s joys or struggles are surrounded by the light of yesterday’s happenings, and they make each story that much broader.
Maybe it’s a stretch to compare Colombian to an old friend, but this is a coffee we’ve carried for a long time.  Years ago, before a certain Seattle coffee company had introduced the world to specialty coffee, this was the place we recommended that customers start.  If you’d never had gourmet coffee before, this Colombian Supremo was a nice entree into the world of superior beans.  In other words, it’s a crowd-pleaser, and easy to enjoy.
Sometimes we take those we’ve known the longest for granted.  We forget why we like them so much, because they’re so reliable.  This level of consistency is hard to maintain, and it explains why this Colombian Supremo is a previous winner of the Cup of Excellence.  It’s truly a remarkable bean, and lest we forget, (as our importer says) “not all Colombian coffees are alike.”
So this week let’s raise a mug of Colombian Supremo to our faithful friends.  The smooth and comfortable notes of this coffee may remind you of someone tried and true.  Enjoy!