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Costa Rican Tarrazu

Right now I’m wearing a dress, all ready to help customers if needed.  We celebrate “dress-up Friday” around here, since we’re casual everyday.  It always seems to be a busy day, and dressing nicely keeps us all extra cheery in the midst of the craziness.

Caroline, Caroline, and Becky enjoyed the ferry ride last week!

I’m planning on heading out of here soon, however, and changing into clothes suitable for camping.  My kids slept in a tent last night with three of their cousins, and Trace and I are headed up to join them after all the coffee is roasted for the day (oh, and the e-mail sent).  We have packed our stainless steel French Press, and a pound of our Costa Rican coffee: what else could we need?

The Costa Rican that’s coming with us is the same as our coffee of the week: our Rubie’s Tarrazu.  Tarrazu is a county in Costa Rica, in the highlands, where a lot of gourmet coffee is grown.  It lies on the western side of the country and has the volcanic soil that arabica bushes love.

This Tarrazu is smooth, in contrast to last week’s Tanzanian Peaberry.  It has low acidity, and it is extremely mild.  The aroma is earthy and nutty: it draws you in and entices you with its soft nose so that you want to take a sip.  The flavor does not disappoint: clean fruity tones awaken your taste buds and then it finishes with a light nuttiness.

If you haven’t tried our Costa Rican, take a pound camping with you, or even better, come in and mention the code “coffee of the week” for a free twelve ounce cup.  Tomorrow would be a good day to come by: it’s the downtown Sidewalk Sale from 9 am to 4 pm.  There’s always something going on around Grass Valley!

–Holly Fike

Costa Rican Tarrazu
This week: $11.99
List Price: $12.99