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Fair Trade Organic Mexican Oaxacan

My days are starting earlier now: I get up at six so that I’m ready before the kids get up.  Gone are the days of luxuriating in a summer breeze cooling down the sheets, knowing that the kids aren’t up yet.  Those days will return (it is the weekend tomorrow), but in the meantime I’ve been enjoying the glimpse of the sun low on the horizon as I sip my morning coffee.  The beams sneak through the trees to shine on my new succulent plant and to wish me good day.
Two weeks ago we moved the coffeemaker to our bedroom, and I’m loving the new ritual of choosing a favorite mug the night before so that I don’t have to leave my sanctuary for a few more minutes in the morning.  I treasure the calm.  This week we’ve been drinking the Bali (wasn’t it wonderful?), but the pound I take home today will be our Organic Fair Trade Mexican.
We don’t carry a lot of Mexican coffees, for a personal reason: for many years Mexican coffees gave Trace extreme allergies.  With the heightened availability of Organic Mexican coffees in the last ten years, we have been able to carry more of these high-grown coffees without adverse effects.  I’m sure the reaction was to something sprayed on the bags or the beans, not the coffee itself.
Oaxaca borders the Pacific Ocean, and coffee has been produced here for centuries, brought over by European sailors.  The state has a diverse population, and varied terrain, so that most farms are still small family affairs, or co-ops where a group works together.  Oaxaca also grows a lot of chocolate, or rather cacao beans, which are native to the Americas, but are now grown around the world in similar regions as coffee: between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn.
Our Organic Mexican Oaxacan is roasted light, and you will taste chocolate notes as it cools.  We sampled it earlier this week as a single varietal espresso, and as such it has bright tones and beautiful crema.  I prefer our regular Espresso, with its creamy and smooth tones, but it was educational to see the difference.  As a cup of brewed coffee, you don’t taste as much forward acidity: I’m drinking it now and the predominant taste is light berry and nut flavors.
There is a coupon below for a free cup: we’d love to hear what you think, on our Facebook page or in the comment section here.  Have you visited Oaxaca?  What was your experience like?  Come in and let us know while you drink a cup on us!
 –Holly Fike
Fair Trade Organic Mexican Oaxacan
This week: $11.99
List Price: $12.99