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Special Blend  

As you can see from the header picture, we all thought it was fall today: the boots came out of the closet.  It was perfect cool weather for my morning.  I started the day at my kid’s elementary school helping out at their “mini-marathon”– a fund-raising event for the school where the kids earn money by running quarter-mile laps.  There were some seriously determined kids out there!  My second grader ran over five miles in an hour and a half, so I can only imagine how far the third and fourth graders ran.
This week we’re brewing our bold Balinese again, but because it was featured within the last two months, the coupon today is for our Special Blend.  The art of blending seems to be fading as the coffee world evolves towards an appreciation for single-varietal beans. While this is a commendable and appreciated trend, I think there is still a place for blends.  This is one of our top sellers consistently over the last thirty years–a good sign that it’s still relevant.
Ideally, a blend of coffee is crafted so that the included beans complement each other: like putting a more acidic bean together with one of lower acid and body, so that there is balance in the cup.  This would be a good description of one of the original blends: Mocha Java.  Our Special Blend is a mix of French, Colombian, Espresso, and Sumatra.  That’s two dark roasts and two light roasts that combine together for what many of you over the years have called the perfect cup.
Whether you prefer a dark roast, a light roast, solely single-varietal beans, or a blend, I hope you feel welcome in our store.  No matter your preference, you can sample our Special Blend this week by mentioning the code in bold above: fall boots.  And even if straight coffee is not your thing, come on in for a hot drink on this boot weather day.  From a cup of tea to a Pumpkin Spice latte, we’re ready to make your favorite drink.
–Holly Fike
Special Blend
This week: $11.99
List Price: $12.99