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Organic Peru
It’s a beautiful day for coffee, isn’t it?  Assuming that you receive this newsletter because you’re a coffee fan, today is a day to have a mug in your hands to keep them warm.  We could have definitely had the same header picture as last week: a line of boots, as worn by all the employees.  There’s an autumn chill in the air for sure.  Moody skies hung over downtown all day.
The weather may be cloudy, but my thoughts are sunny.  The local schools here are a bit of an anomaly: we get a “Fall Break,” an entire week off in the month of October.  That break is coming next week, and in our family we’ve had a vacation planned since January: a trip to the Southern California beaches and Disneyland.  Can you imagine how excited our kids are about a trip they’ve known about for ten months?  They both saved all their birthday money for Disneyland, and their birthdays were in March and June!

Fall decor is up around town!

I just put a pound of coffee in my purse, so we’ve got the essentials covered anyway.  By Sunday morning I plan on starting the day watching the waves roll in while sipping on a steaming mug of Carolines Organic Peru.  Doesn’t that sound delightful and relaxing?

In case you too need a coffee to take on vacation, we’ve got our Organic Peruvian on special this week.  If you’re trying to get through a crammed week prior to being gone, I recommend one of our Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate bars with our Organic Peru.  It’s a great combination, and it’s working for me right now!
This Peruvian is organic and shade-grown.  Can you imagine the birds warbling among the coffee bushes?  The shade not only helps the land, but this rustic style of farming among the trees keeps each bush at a lower yield and creates better quality beans–usually hand-picked.  Peru has great coffee-growing conditions on the slopes of the Andes.  We roast this Peruvian light so that you can taste the soft fruity notes between the chocolate tones.
Even if you’re not headed out of town with our Peru, I hope you come in and try a cup on us.  You can use the code words in bold above: moody skies.  In other news, tomorrow we’re open until 7 pm for the Second Saturday Art and Wine Walk.  Come grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the art up the street.  See you in a week!
–Holly Fike
Organic Peru
This week: $12.99
List Price: $13.99