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We spent last week on the California coast, and we couldn’t have had a more wonderful vacation.  It was completely relaxing, and except for two days at the “happiest place on earth,” we sat at the beach and played in the water–and that is all.  I know that doing nothing is not for everyone, but we loved it!

This week has been back to our quotidian events: like work, and school, and even sick kids staying home for the day.  All the tasks that make our lives and business continue smoothly.  It makes the week off seem far away.  This morning, however, was a good reminder of why we are located in Nevada County.  This could become a weekly catalog–there’s so many reasons we love living and working here.

This morning I was appreciating the beauty around us.  After three days of rain, this was the view out my window this morning while I was drinking a steaming mug of Guatemalan Antigua:

I hope your day is full of sunshine and good coffee too. What could be better?