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Guatemalan Antigua

There’s so much I could write about today that the trick is to condense it into something you might be willing to read.  The header picture is one that I intended to use last week, when I had high hopes of sending out a missal from the beach, describing the relaxing time we were having leaving footprints up and down our stretch of sand.  There was some sand golf, the collecting of shell treasures by small children, fishing in the foamy surf and lots of walks along the edge of the salty sea.  We even enjoyed two days in Disneyland without even a meltdown.  What memories!

Family Fun at Disneyland!

However, by last Friday I wasn’t feeling very well, so I never did send out any pictures from our trip.  Today the rest of the family is down for the count (these things do go around, don’t they?), so Trace and I are switching round staying home with the kids, and I’ve just managed to make it in the store.  What a difference a week makes!  On a happier note, the sun is sparkling outside, the autumn leaves are drying and making a very satisfactory crunch underfoot, and we have a beautiful Guatemalan Antigua to share with you.

I believe I wrote a few months ago that we moved our coffeemaker into our bedroom.  It’s a delight to wake up with the coffeemaker near at hand, especially on those mornings when coffee seems like the best reason to get out from under the down comforter.  This week Trace has commented several times on the aroma of the pound of Guatemalan sitting regally in its brown bag across the room.  He’s been roasting coffee for almost three decades, so his affirmation is significant.
This Guatemalan comes from the highlands of Antigua, and it is roasted light so that you can taste the nuances that the estate farming brings to the bean.  It does indeed have a rich aroma, and when you brew a cup you taste an earthy, smooth flavor, with a touch of citrus as it cools.
You can try a cup for free by mentioning the code highlighted above (hint: it’s shell treasures).  I hope your next week is a healthy one, full of good coffee and equally good memories.
–Holly Fike
Guatemalan Antigua
This week: $11.99
List Price: $12.99

In other news . . . 

It’s Halloween!

Next week is the annual preschool trick or treat around downtown.  This will be my first year out of the last seven without a preschooler to take up the street!  We will be handing out candy nonetheless, and if you have or know of a small child who would like a safe place to show off their costume, downtown Grass Valley is the place.  The event takes place from 10 until noon on Halloween, and it’s always a treat to stop by the Center for the Arts and pick up your free book in addition to all the candy.  You can find out more about it the day here.