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Dark Sumatra

This was a fun week around here, with all the employees dressed up for Halloween on Wednesday, and the preschool trick-or-treaters coming around for candy.  If we awarded a prize to our cutest customers, I think we’d hand out a years worth on Halloween.  You can see pictures of some batmen, butterflies and birds on our Facebook page here, or on our blog here.  The whole day is exciting, since you never know who is going to walk in the door, from Superhero to Scrooge.

The morning crew on Halloween

November around here is the start of the holiday season.  We start to get extra product in, and we put together gift baskets and coffee crates for sale.  It’s always entertaining to open a plain brown box and find pink hot chocolate inside (attention Santa: Caroline would like one in her stocking), or maple syrup from Vermont.  Most of the products we carry come from California, like our Earth and Vine jams made just down the hill in Loomis.  This year we’ve put together a “California Made” gift basket and the challenge was paring down all the gourmet items we carry from this bountiful state!

This week we’ve changed up one of our everyday standard brews, so that all of you dark roast lovers can try something new.  Hopefully it wasn’t too upsetting to anyone (actually, I think most of you didn’t notice), but the brewed coffee in the #1 pot this week is Dark Sumatra instead of French Roast.  We sell an amazing amount of this single-varietal dark roast, and we wanted more of you to have a chance to try it.
Our Dark Sumatra is our top grade Sumatra Mandheling roasted to a French Roast.  Most of our dark roasts are a blend, to provide balance in the cup.  The Dark Sumatra, on the other hand, has a full-bodied flavor and dark taste without being blended.  If you love a dark roast, come on in and try a cup for free by mentioning the code in bold above (hint: this week it’s gift baskets).  I hope your Halloween was as delightful as ours!
–Holly Fike
Dark Sumatra
This week: $11.99
List Price: $12.99