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2012 Christmas Coffee

Today marks the beginning of the holiday season around here.  We have gift crates piled up ready to go, gift baskets tucked in anywhere we can fit them, and our holiday drink list is posted on the front counter (you can see it in detail here).  It’s quite a transition from the small gathering we had of family and friends yesterday.  Of course, one of the things we are grateful for in our

Our Thanksgiving table.

family is a thriving small business in a beautiful small town–a good attitude to focus on in the rush of this season.

From Thanksgiving to Christmas we have the challenge in our family of finding the balance between the joy and peace of the season and the busyness of being in retail.  Trace and I are at Carolines longer hours: there’s more coffee to roast, more customers to help, and even more bills to pay.  Fortunately we both love the social interaction, even when front counter turns into a zoo.  It’s fun to see all of you, and to meet new customers.  The other day (what are the odds?), we had three different roasters in the store within eight hours.  Your stories are interesting, as are your questions, whether you come from another country or down the street.

We are open until 9 pm tonight for the first Cornish Christmas.  If you’ve never been to this downtown event, it has been a tradition in Grass Valley for 45 years, with local artisans selling their wares on the streets while musicians young and old keep the atmosphere cheerful.  There are hot roasted chestnuts, the stores are open late, and there’s even a Santa’s Workshop for the young ones.  My kids came with me to work today, and they’ve been asking all day if we can go to Cornish Christmas yet.  Did I mention there is a kettle corn vendor?  That might be the most popular booth among the youth in my family.

If you are headed to Cornish Christmas with your family, come on in and try a cup of our 2012 Christmas Coffee.  This year’s coffee debuted this week, and it’s a limited edition blend that we carry from now until New Year’s.  The picture to the right is the front label, and the following text is from the back label:

“We watch and taste all year for unique and great coffees to incorporate into our Christmas blend.  We look for beans that complement each other in special ways.  Blends might not be in vogue right now with the glitterati of the coffee world, but we love them regardless.  It’s so much fun to taste and blend and blend and taste to find the perfect balance.
This year’s blend includes our fabulous Balinese, an awesome Celebes (Sulawesi), a very clean Fair Trade Guatemalan, the ever trusty San Augustine Colombian, and a little dark roast for extra body.  We hope you enjoy!  –The Carolines Crew”
You can see both labels in detail on our blog here.  You can have a twelve ounce cup of our Christmas Coffee free of charge by mentioning the code in red above (it’s roasted chestnuts).  If you’re visiting from out of town, welcome!  To all of you, may you find joy in this busy season and a moment to enjoy a cup of good coffee.

–Holly Fike
2012 Christmas Coffee
Price: $12.99 / 12 oz.