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Christmas OrnamentFair Trade Organic Dark French Italian Roast

How is your December going?  Today is a day of remembrance for those who died 71 years ago at Pearl Harbor.  I’ve been to the USS Arizona memorial twice, and it is a somber experience, invoking the memory of all those who have given their lives for our country.  I have been blessed in my lifetime to know a number of World War II veterans, most notably my Grandpa who was a parachuting medic on the Western front.  I am taking a moment today to remember him, and all veterans.  In a busy season, it’s good to remember that life is precious, and so are our national freedoms.
It was red fedora day around here on Wednesday--thanks to a customer who gifted the hats!

It was red fedora day around here on Wednesday–thanks to a customer who gifted the hats!

This week I’ve been trying to slow down and appreciate my surroundings, and especially my family and friends.  Last week felt rushed and stressful to me (maybe the stormy weather was partly to blame?).  If you have kids, you have probably noticed that they quickly pick up on parental stress.  We’ve all had a better week since I’ve taken the time to slow down my responses and remember what is truly important.

One of the pleasures I’ve enjoyed this week is my morning cup of coffee.  The scene out the window most of the week was rather colorless, with fog drifting by or rain pounding down.  It had a quiet, stark beauty as the tree trunks appeared in sharp contrast to the soft edges of the dripping sky.  This morning pigment reappeared in my view, a brushstroke of pink across the window heralding the return of the sun.  It’s nice to see the sun again.
I don’t drink much dark roast coffee (unless I’m in San Francisco, and I can’t find anything else–see this blogpost), so those of you who prefer a dark roast don’t often get a chance for a free cup.  Well this is your chance this holiday season to try a cup for free.  Our featured coffee this week is our Fair Trade Organic Dark French Italian Roast.  Try saying that five times fast!  Around here we shorten it to Fair Trade Italian.
This is the darkest coffee that we keep brewed, and it is a blend of Guatemalan, Peruvian and Brazilian–all Fair Trade.  We blend these for a balanced dark roast.  If it seems like you hear the word “balanced” frequently in reference to our blends, that’s because it is our goal when blending.  When you take coffee beans this dark, you no longer taste the nuances of the origin, but instead the darkness of the bean.  A lot of you love coffee like this (maybe particularly if you are from San Francisco!).
You can use the code in red above (it’s dripping sky) to try a free twelve ounce cup of our Fair Trade Organic Dark French Italian Roast.  If you’re not a fan of dark roast coffees, you are welcome to switch it out for our Christmas Coffee–I’ve certainly been enjoying it these holidays.  Whatever you prefer, raise your cup today in honor of those who have fought for our country.  Cheers!

–Holly Fike

Fair Trade Organic Dark French Italian Roast

This week: $12.99 / lb

List Price: $13.99 / lb