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How was your Christmas?  We had a splendid day, beginning with the delight on the kids faces as they discovered that the reindeer had munched all the carrots they left out, and that Santa had responded to their notes.  In the afternoon we treasured some much needed quiet time while Jack read a new book and Caroline carefully colored a do-it-yourself purse.  Our day ended with friends and family gathered around for a meal that ended with many pies baked by Grandma Caroline.  If life is all about the memories, that was one to store like precious gold.

A quiet Christmas moment

A quiet Christmas moment

I hope each of you had a memorable day too, in the best of ways.  Yesterday was such a beautiful sunny day after the unexpected storm on Christmas–I love to see the rays of sunshine burn off a morning fog when it has been raining for a few days.  Today the clouds have descended again, but it’s fancy Friday around here, and the smiles from all of you have kept us hopping all day long.

Today I’ve had child labor around the store: two kiddos who want to earn some money after a trip to the “toy store” (aka Foothill Mercantile) yesterday.  They are eager to help, and I’ve been scrambling to find chores they are capable of doing around here.  So far we’ve had some dusting, some dishwashing, and some re-labeling of the tea bins.  There’s nothing better than smiles while you work.

This week we are returning to our traditional e-mail newsletter: a free twelve ounce cup of coffee so that you can sample one of our coffee varieties.  Our number two coffee remains the Christmas Coffee for one final week–it’s a limited edition, so this is your last chance to buy some if it’s a new favorite of yours.  We are featuring instead our Special Blend, our most popular coffee over the last thirty years of business.  That’s quite a statement, considering how many coffees we’ve sold over the years!

The longevity of this blend comes from how pleasing it is to most palates.  We blend two light roasts and two dark roasts to make this cup: our French Roast, our Espresso Roast, our Sumatra Mandheling and our Colombian Supremo.  Back when our deliveryman, Mike, worked for NID, he used to come in every morning for a mug of our Special Blend.  Now that he works for us, he’s branched out, and he’s willing to try other coffees–but it’s a testimonial to how good this blend is that he drank it everyday for twenty years!
To try your free cup, mention the code in red above (it’s “fancy Friday”).  Come on in and sample our Special Blend today, or buy a pound for your New Year’s party!  We’ve got it a dollar off per pound this week, to keep you awake next Monday night.  Enjoy!
–Holly Fike
Special Blend
This week: $11.99

List Price: $12.99