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It’s hard to believe that this is the first e-mail that I’ve sent out in 2013.  Where has January gone?  Our family started the year with a whirlwind trip to Hawaii for a friend’s wedding.  Two weeks ago on Friday we were boarding a plane three hours late to go cater the wedding.  One week ago we were flying home, slightly tanned and very relaxed after enjoying four days of nothing but beach-time–following the chaos of cooking in an unknown setting.  It seems unlikely that we can attend island nuptials every year, but I certainly wouldn’t mind ending every winter holiday with a sunny excursion!

Yes, that's the wonderful Aunt Becky taking care of the flower girls!

Yes, that’s the wonderful Aunt Becky taking care of the flower girls!

This week was catch-up week, with the kids back to school, and events at the store flying along.  We came home last weekend just in time to brew coffee for the Wild and Scenic Film Festival (many thanks to Andrew who brewed thirty gallons of coffee at five in the morning when we arrived home around 1 am!).  Then this weekend we are one of the sponsors of the Downtown Ice Skating Rink.  If you don’t know about this, check out the GVDA page here, and come on out and skate!  Today from 4-6 we will be giving away free coffee and hot chocolate during our sponsorship time, if that fits your schedule.

In honor of our Hawaiian vacation, our coffee of the week is our Kona Blend.  Although we have visited the big island before, this trip was to Oahu, and we didn’t visit Kona on this trip.  We did however have some good Kona coffee, from a local coffee shop which we were privileged to be staying near.  That is not as easy as it sounds: many places in Hawaii serve poor coffee, a “Kona Blend” that might have very little Kona mixed with a cheap filler.

The blend I drank most mornings in Hawaii was roasted a little darker than our Kona Blend.  Carolines Kona Blend is roasted light, and it is very full-bodied since we blend it with our fabulous Pawani Sumatra.  Since we arrived home a week ago I’ve been savoring this blend, and picturing the trade winds rustling the palm trees as the clouds race by like wild animals escaping a fire.  It’s been cold in Nevada County, especially at the beginning of the week, but my hot coffee and my warm memories kept my mornings toasty.

This week we’re offering you a free cup of our Kona Blend.  In case you are not the sort to read the fine print, I want to make it clear that you do not have to print the coupon to receive your free cup.  You do have to mention the code highlighted in burgundy above, and there is a new code every week.  This week it is trade winds, and boy were they blowing during our visit–but with the temperature hovering between 75 and 80 degrees, we didn’t mind.  Even the January rains we encountered felt pleasant in comparison to the snow at home. 

Kona Blend will also be on sale in bulk this week, so that you can take it home and invoke your own island memories.  If you’ve never been to Hawaii, think blue summer days with the sun beating as intensely as a three year old beats a toy drum.  I will be visualizing that brilliant azure as I sip Kona Blend this week.  Join me if you like!
–Holly Fike
Kona Blend
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