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In the last year, we have been quietly changing our graphics around here with the help of our clever designer, and family member, Grady Fike.   We have made a number of changes, starting with the new logo that we first showcased a year ago.  Our color has deepened and become more of a burgundy, and we spent 2012 introducing a new look to our wholesale accounts with entirely original labels.  You can see a number of items that Grady designed for us on his website here.

Would you like to win a t-shirt? Leave a comment below!

Would you like to win a t-shirt? Leave a comment below!

This continues to be a work in progress, as we discover more items with our old logo, or simply in need of an update.  We are currently working on new menu boards, designed by the ever patient and flexible Grady.  Look for those to appear in the next month or so.  He also did the artwork for our new t-shirts and mugs.  In honor of his good work, we’re giving away one of these t-shirts.  Leave a comment on our blog here for a chance to win!

There are so many more before and after pictures that I could post.  We have new open/close signs, new menus, new gift basket brochures, and even a new customized application (so helpful!).  It is such a pleasure to work with a graphic designer who understands the blend of new and old that makes Carolines Coffee Roasters unique.  Since the store was established by Grady’s grandmother, he has a good sense of who we are, and he is able to keep that hometown/local aesthetic while updating our brand.  Thank you Grady!

In coffee news, we’re switching it up this week: we’re heading from a land-locked African nation to a tropical Indonesian island.  By the description of their origins, you won’t be surprised to learn that these two coffees are almost opposites in taste.  Where last week’s coffee had a tangy, citrus flavor, this Celebes is earthy and full-bodied with chocolate tones to the finish.

We have a customer who has us ship him this coffee twenty pounds at a time: it’s that good, and it is hard to find.  Celebes hails from the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, which was called Celebes under Dutch colonial rule.  It is neighbors with Java, more or less, although with over ten thousand islands in the Indonesian archipelago, there are a lot of smaller islands between the two.  Celebes is easy to spot on a globe (for instance, when doing coffee sourcing training with new employees), because it is such an unusual shape.  It looks rather like a hand with only four fingers.

Mottled Celebes beans

Mottled Celebes beans

This is a light roast coffee that has a mottled appearance to the beans even when each bean has been roasted to the same degree.  It almost looks like the beans have been blended when they come out of the roaster.  In the cup, however, this Celebes Kalossi is consistent.  It is similar to Sumatra (another Indonesian island) with its nutty taste.  Have I mentioned that I love this coffee?  In my mind a sip of Celebes in the morning is lip-smacking good, especially as the flavors linger in my mouth.

On another note, next week is Valentine’s Day.  If you are the sort who likes to give gifts, we have a bountiful assortment of gift baskets and coffees for the gourmet food and coffee lovers in your life.  If you’re looking for more ideas, check out the Outside Inn blog post on Valentine’s Day here.  There is beautiful lingerie up the street at Top Drawer and Yuba Blue, if that is more your style.  It looks like the weather will cooperate if you want to spend time shopping in downtown Grass Valley or Nevada City this weekend.  With unique boutiques in both towns, you are sure to find something for your special someone!

Our Valentine’s traditions are low key.  We do exchange gifts, but we usually stay home and Trace cooks me a fabulous meal and serves it with candlelight, roses and great wine.  I’m truly spoiled: good conversation with the love of my life and no need for a babysitter (we put the kids to bed early instead).  There are so many great restaurants locally that we avoid the crowds and go out another night–tonight perhaps?  This year our day will start with a great mug of Celebes Kalossi.  You can try a cup too for free by mentioning the code in burgundy above (good work).  Enjoy!
–Holly Fike

Celebes Kalossi  

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List Price: $14.99