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Khrista headerKhrista’s Pick

For the last five years, the vibrant young lady pictured above has worked for us as a key morning employee.  We can now count on one hand the days left until the end of her tenure here, so we’re celebrating Khrista this week.  She is known to most of you for her spectacular customer service.  She has a smile and a warmth that could charm your socks off, and we’ll sorely miss her around here.  Khrista is also our resident party planner, the reason we have a staff summer barbeque, Secret Santa gifts at Christmas, and one year we even all crafted handmade Valentine’s at her behest.

Organic Java Bag

Organic Java Bag

She is moving out of the area to be closer to her family, and especially her new nephew.  In honor of her last week, she chose and roasted her own blend, and that is our coffee of the week (she might have had a little help from our roastmaster).  This Khrista’s Pick is the original Mocha Java blend.

The Organic Java is a wet-processed bean that arrived with our shipment last week, and although this blend was mixed in roasting, the Java went in first to insure that the two coffees were roasted the same.  It has a lot more moisture as a new crop bean than its dry-processed counterpart in this blend.

The second part of Khrista’s Pick is our Yemen Mocha, from the Arabian Peninsula.  You can read more about this bean on our blog, here, from when it was last featured last May.  On its own this Yemen has a lot of berry tones and a medium body.  Together with the full-bodied and smooth Java, you get a balance that neither have solo.  Khrista’s Pick is a classic blend, what many believe to be a perfect pairing.

Khrista, we’ll miss your glittery presence around here!  For the next week come on in and wish Khrista best of luck as she finishes up her time in Grass Valley.  Come try her blend and drink to her success in all future endeavors.  You can try a cup on us by printing the coupon below or by mentioning the code in bold above (it’s perfect pairing, like Khrista and smiles).  Cheers!
–Holly Fike

Khrista’s Pick
This week: $11.99
List Price: $12.99