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baseball headerFair Trade Mexican

What lovely weather we’ve had this week, don’t you agree?  It was downright warm around here, and I was inspired to paint my toenails and pull out my box of sandals for the first time since last fall (except for that trip to Hawaii).  At our house we’ve been absorbed with Little League practice and games.  Trace is managing Jack’s farm team, which is coach-pitch, and there’s nothing more fun than watching my husband throwing a ball to our son.  Besides that, the farm players try so hard, and they’re so darn cute–it’s great to watch!

Coffee bushes of MICHIZA, in Oaxaca. Photo courtesy of Coopcoffees.

Speaking of Trace, for years we did not carry Mexican coffee, because the beans gave Trace extreme allergies.  He would sneeze until his eyes were bloodshot, without pause.  I imagine that it was something that was sprayed on the beans before shipping, some kind of fumigant, but it could have even been in the burlap sack.  Keep in mind that we’ve been in business for 31 years this month, and the regulations for agricultural pesticides have changed a lot since 1982.  What ever the reason, we did not order Mexican coffee until the advent of more organic options in the last ten years.

The lack of Mexican options around here has strictly been a matter of health: Mexico produces some great specialty coffees.  The organic ones that we’ve cupped lately have had great depth of flavor.  This week’s coffee is from Oaxaca, from a co-op named MICHIZA, which stands for the six different ethnic groups that are included in the co-op.  You can read more about them on their website here, and on the Fair Trade Proof page here.

The cooperative specifically works to advance and promote women, and I loved the picture of the coffee farmer above.  In a machismo culture, any place where women are supported is significant.  We’re proud to offer a coffee from MICHIZA.  More than that, it is good coffee.  It is roasted light, and it is very mild with nutty and carmelly tones.  It has the sweetness of roasted hazelnuts, so it pairs perfectly with chocolate for a pick-me-up.

Oh, in other news, the winner of this week’s giveaway is Liz.  We’ve got another chance to win this week: one of our hot travel mugs, filled with the drink of your choice.  Come on in and enter!  You can use the code of the week to sample our Fair Trade Mexican at the same time (it’s burlap sack).  It’s also on sale this week for $12.99 a pound.  Enjoy!
–Holly Fike