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We celebrated our anniversary (thirty-one years!) by giving away twelve ceramic mugs on our Facebook page this week.  If you missed the action, we’re thinking about a giveaway a day for next week, so come on in and fill out an entry form, or check out our Facebook page to stay up to date!
cello chocolatesIn the last few weeks we have brought in three new local items: raw chocolate from Nomad Organics, tea from the Nevada City Herb and Tea Company, and chocolate bars from Cello Chocolate.  In the above photo are the herbal teas: isn’t Heather’s packaging great?  She blends herbs which she sources as locally as possible into delicious remedies/teas.  We sampled the VitaliTea and all of us loved it.We also had the chance last Wednesday morning to meet with Debi and Ned from Cello Chocolate.  All of their bars are 65% chocolate, which they source from around the world.  Although each bar had the same ingredients, they each had their own flavor profile, based on their country of origin.  If this sounds familiar, it’s quite similar to the way that different coffees have different aromas and tastes because of where they are grown.  Coffee and chocolate naturally complement each other–they’re even grown in the same tropical areas around the globe–and we believe this will be a wonderful addition to our gourmet food offerings.

This week we have a coffee for you that hails from Indonesia.  This Organic Java Taman Dadar has a medium acidity, a medium body, and a smooth and mellow flavor.  It is not as bold as our Sumatra Mandheling, although Sumatra and Java are neighboring islands.  It does fill your mouth as you sip, and the earthy tones that linger as you swallow are definitely reminiscent of other Indonesian coffees.

This particular Java is from independent farmers in eastern Java–instead of from the government co-ops from which we have sourced in the past.  You can read more about their history and their organic practices here.  We have it on sale this week for a dollar off per pound, or you can sample it for free by mentioning the code herbal teas. Enjoy!

–Holly Fike