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sacramento river headerCosta Rican Tarrazu

Early on Monday of this week we learned that one of our beloved customers was no longer with us.  Dave was a staple around here for many years, and we considered him a part of our local family.  He was always ready with a smile and a loud hey-ya, hey-ya, hey-ya as a greeting when we walked by.  My kids loved to hear him play harmonica, and he would often pull it out of his pocket just for them.  Next Thursday (May 23rd) we are going to close early to remember Dave.  We will close at four, and celebrate Dave starting at 5 pm.  If you have a “Big Dave” story to share, come and join us.

A proud moment.

A proud moment.

In other news, some traditions continue in their orderly fashion.  Mother’s Day has come and gone–I spent mine in bed with a bout of the stomach flu, while my angel of a husband took care of everything, all week in fact.  I’m finally feeling better.  Yesterday I had been gifted a fishing trip with Mike, our deliveryman, and Becky, our manager.  Since I was still under the weather, Trace and Jack and Grandma Caroline went in my place.  I did point out that it takes three people to replace me!

The highlight of the day was that seven year old Jack hooked and reeled in his first fish.  I received picture updates from Becky all day long, and I have never seen a bigger smile on a little boy’s face.  He couldn’t stop talking about it when he arrived home: it was the best day of his life.  He is definitely hooked on fishing for life, although trout out of the Yuba might not be as exciting after catching striper out of the Sacramento River.

Oh and we did get coffee shipments last week, so we’ve got some new coffees to share with you.  Not that the coffee is an afterthought, but it was a week overrun with other things.  Life has a way of doing that, doesn’t it?  Sometimes we need the reminder that ultimately it’s all about the people with whom we surround ourselves.  Coffee may be our business, but mostly we love it because it brings us into contact with all of you: our customers, family, and friends.

This week’s coffee is our Costa Rican Tarrazu.  We just brewed a pot of this Central American bean for all of us to try.  It’s incredibly light and smooth, with soft nutty tones.  I think that because we’ve carried a Tarrazu for so long, we forget how wonderful it is.  Sipping it today while I typed this, I was reminded why some people only drink Costa Rican coffee.  It is remarkable.  Tarrazu, by the way, is a highland area in the center of Costa Rica, about as far as you can get from either coast.  It is known for its world-class coffees.

You can sample this Costa Rican on us by using the code feeling better highlighted above.  My wish for each of you is a moment to feel as special as Jack did while reeling in his fish yesterday.  May you be proud of yourself and flying high.  Enjoy!
–Holly Fike