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Baseball PictureEthiopian Sidamo

Can you believe that tomorrow is the first day of June?  School has one more week to go, and the baseball season is winding up in the next week too.  I will miss seeing the darling faces of our farm team as they try their darnedest to catch or throw a baseball.  The joy of farm league is seeing the progress from the beginning of the year until now.  They have become a team in the last few months and Trace has done a great job instilling a love of baseball in them.  This week we had a practice day, a game day and then another practice day, and all thirteen of them showed up.  That’s commitment.

It's mocha freeze weather!

It’s mocha freeze weather!

One reason that little league has been so much fun is this great community that we live in.  There is so much support for the coaches, and so many parent helpers that it makes the season fly by.  That community is the reason that we are in business, and the reason that we choose to live in this area.  Thank you all for being a part of our local team.

This week’s coffee of the week is half a world away from here, in an entirely different community.  We are brewing our Ethiopian Sidamo, from the country known as the birthplace of coffee.  As the legend goes, a goatherd was tending his animals when he noticed them dancing around after eating the red berries from a particular bright-leafed shrub.  He munched on a few also, and frolicked with his goats.  He shared the fruit with local monks, who used the cherries as a stimulant to stay awake during evening prayers–or so the story goes.

Coffee still grows wild in the highlands of Ethiopia, but it is also cultivated there.  The coffee that we’re offering this week has a bright piquant taste, with a lot of berry tones.  It is roasted light so that you can taste all of these flavors.  It is distinctly different from last weeks Aged Sumatra, so come try a cup on us this week.

You can have a twelve ounce cup of this Ethiopian by using the code in burgundy above (it’s local team).  I hope that you all enjoy the warm weather this weekend if you live locally.  If you’re ready for iced drinks, we’ve got those too: the blenders have been going nonstop today!
–Holly Fike