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Tahoe HeaderEl Salvador San Emilio

We spent last Sunday driving to Lake Tahoe via the scenic route.  The top was off our 1968 Bronco, and we drove out of the smoke into a sunny Tahoe day.  You don’t go very fast in the Bronco: it’s perfect for appreciating the river pouring over the granite, the rock climbers on the summit, all the sun bathers sitting on their decks around Donner Lake, and for counting the rafters on the Truckee River.  We live in an amazing place.

This week I’m still adjusting to getting up with an alarm clock.  It makes me especially appreciate all my employees who get up every morning and are at the store bright and early to serve you.  I haven’t opened the store since the day before Jack was born, eight years ago and counting.  Now I enjoy my few minutes to myself before the kids wake up.  There aren’t many things better than sitting in a corner of the room with my favorite handmade mug (this one), watching the light change on the trees, and appreciating the quiet before the day begins.  It helps my sanity.  What’s your morning ritual*?

French Press of El SalvadorTrace roasted this El Salvador San Emilio yesterday, and the aroma as he handed us the bag of still warm beans was amazing: toasty and caramelly and comforting, like peanut butter.  We immediately brewed a French press for all of us to share.  The collective comments were: “mmmm,” “wow,” “nut and fruit,” and “as bold a Central American coffee as I have ever tasted.”

This is a pulped natural coffee, a term which refers to the manner in which the coffee berries are processed.  It may be the reason why it has such a wonderfully strong aroma, and bold flavor.  The cherry is stripped from the beans, as in a washed coffee, but the mucilage is left intact while the beans dry.  This gives it the fruity notes especially.  After drying, the beans are cleaned the rest of the way, before being packaged and sent to us.

We would love for you to try a cup of this El Salvador on us this week.  Use the code in bold burgundy above to receive your free 12 ounce cup.  I hope that it helps you get up in the mornings for the next week: I know that I will be depending on it.  Enjoy!
–Holly Fike
*Code good for one free 12 ounce cup of El Salvador San Emilio.  Code expires on 8.29.13.  Limit one free cup per customer please.  Valid only at Carolines Coffee Roasters, 128 S. Auburn Street, Grass Valley, CA.  Code/Offer has no cash value.