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Fall Leaves HeaderCosta Rican La Pastora Tarrazu

Have you enjoyed the fall weather this week?  I certainly have.  The leaves are piling up in the corners of the parking lot and calling out to be crunched.  I’ve never outgrown the joy of stepping on a wind-blown, dried out and crackly red leaf.  My path in the fall meanders down the sidewalk as I try to step on each one.  Childish but satisfying–and my kids love to stomp along with me.

Costa Rican bagThis week I was camping for three days with my son’s class.  They went on a caving adventure exploring the California Caverns, and then had the opportunity to explore a Native American dwelling place here.  The weather was perfectly dry, although there was certainly an autumnal chill to the air each morning.  Great weather for coffee.

I took last week’s featured coffee, the Sustainable Mexican Nayarita, camping with us, so I’ve only had a day to sample this Costa Rican La Pastora Tarrazu.  I’m playing catch-up today both with my coffee sampling and in the office.  Not a bad problem in exchange for three days in the outdoors.

Tarrazu is a region in Costa Rica known for it’s high-quality coffee.  It is in the same canton as the capital of San Jose.  If volcanic soil seems like a recurring theme in these e-mails, this is another instance where great quality coffee is grown on the slopes of a dormant volcano.  It is grown at a high elevation, and qualifies as SHB.

This La Pastora Costa Rican has smooth flavor that is typical of Tarrazu coffees that we’ve carried in the past.  I always feel like Tarrazu Costa Rican beans are a good introduction to specialty coffee: they are easy to drink with a light brightness that most people enjoy.

As I’ve sipped this coffee this morning, I noticed that the aroma was tremendous, with strong chocolate notes.  The taste was light, and it almost melts away in your mouth: very light body.  You could drink this all day long, and it would make a great iced coffee in the summer–or on a hot October day.

Thanks to the talented Mr. Grady Fike, graphic designer extraordinaire (see his portfolio here), our weekly newsletter has a new look.  He’s also been working on a new website for us, so look for that to be coming soon.  We’ll post a link on our Facebook page when it’s up and running.  In the meantime, come enjoy a cup of this Costa Rican on us by using the code in red above: stomp along*.
–Holly Fike

*Code good for one free 12 ounce cup of Costa Rican La Pastora Tarrazu.  Code expires on 10.10.13.  Limit one free cup per customer please.  Valid only at Carolines Coffee Roasters, 128 S. Auburn Street, Grass Valley, CA.  Code/Offer has no cash value.