About Us

Carolines Coffee circa 1985, with the lovely Caroline Fike

Who is Carolines Coffee Roasters?

We are a coffee roaster located in Grass Valley, California.  We are passionate about helping you to discover the world’s greatest coffees–and we use this blog to share our offerings with you.  We do have a brick and mortar store–keep reading to learn more about how we began.

How did Carolines Coffee Roasters begin?
Caroline Fike bought an existing health food store and beekeeping supply shop in April of 1982. She changed the name from The Honey Center to Caroline’s Honey Spice and Everything Nice. In 1984 her husband Chuck and her youngest son Trace saw a niche market for coffee and bought their first coffee roaster.
As the coffee side of the business grew, the name was changed to Carolines Coffee Roasters. Trace still roasts coffee daily in downtown Grass Valley, and Chuck and Caroline stop in often. The current managers are Trace’s wife Holly, and her sister, Becky Miller. We’re a family run and owned business, committed to bringing you the best coffee in the world!

The view as you enter our cafe: Welcome!



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